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Most visited Greek website signs off with

The last post on Troktiko blog

After the murder of Sokratis Giolias, founder of Troktiko news blog on the morning of July 19th, Troktiko blog has submitted what is labelled as its last post online.
Entitled "The last post of Troktiko - Goodnight Greece", the post reads:
"Goodnight Greece, the land that gave birth to democracy has resulted in killing the freedom of expression.
Bon Voyage Sokratis, and take care of us from up there".

The message was posted 12:18 am.
Troktiko is the most visited website in Greece after search platform, recently having overtaken even traffic to Yahoo search.
It has been so strong as a website, New Europe labelled it "The fifth estate" in Greece.
Troktiko was more than a Greek's way to pass the time. It had become the primary source for information, dialogue and debate in Greece, posting not only news but serving as a forum for the local communities and individuals to express their concerns, criticisms, and grievances.
The demise of Troktiko, is ultimately, the demise of the fifth estate in Greece. A rising estate of bloggers questioning authorities of different kinds now subconcsciously lives with fear.
The reasons for its cessation remain unknown at the moment, but it has been suggested that either the family is too afraid to let the website carry on after what appears to be an ordered hit on Sokratis Giolias, or a party with other interests has legally interveaned to stop the blogs continuation until the matter of ownership of the blog is resolved.
To the words of troktiko's last post: "Goodnight Greece" we only add:

Good night, Greece,  and good luck.                                                                      ΠΗΓΗ:
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