The Greek goverment blocks access to certain Blogs | Posted in , , , , , | Posted on 4:11 μ.μ.

A National Geographic Magazine censored by Iranian authorities.
Any dictatorship would be jealous of the Greek government censorship (PASOK).To address the criticism from the blogs they got them... locked!Reports coming by officials from public services, today ... saying that they could not view any blog, while the well-known news sites are working properly!The people's anger expressed daily in the area of blogs, annoyed some in the "socialist" PASOK government and decided to prohibit the access!It is not a coincidence that the well-known "objective" news portals were not harmed by the lock-down.We succeeded and confirmed the allegations in several public services and find out that some of the blogs have been blocked for months ...
Give us the meager salary that they want.They provide us a pension if they want.They eat at our expense whenever they want and more.We will be informed by the mass media they want!
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